Medycyna Wet. 61 (7), 721-840, 2005


Application of case-based reasoning to animal poisoning diagnosis support Kluza A., Jabłonowski S., Paprocka M. [digitized ] 723
Current views on the phenomenon of silent heat in cows Zduńczyk S., Janowski T., Raś M. [digitized ] 726
Development of embryotransfer methods in swine Jaśkowski J.M., Brüssow K.P., Antosik P. [digitized ] 730
Koicarpi herpesvirus infection Antychowicz J. [digitized ] 735
Possibilities of using beta-blockers in the therapy of portal hypertension in dogs caused by liver cirrhosis Glińska K., Nicpoń J., Wrzosek M.,
Kungl K.
[digitized ] 739
Malachite green: Pharmacological and toxicological aspects and residue control Mitrowska K., Posyniak A. [digitized ] 742
Bacterial resistance and clinical effectiveness of combinations of ß-lactam with aminoglycoside antibioticon the example of VETRAMYCIN and
Kania B.F., Kania K., Sutiak V. [digitized ] 746
Factors affectin vitamin E level in ruminant tissues Demirel G. [digitized ] 752


Monkey brain as a model for Alzheimer’s pathology Sołtysiak Z., Wrzosek M., Nowak M., Gajda M., Kajdasz S. [digitized ] 756
Changes in some blood parameters associated with the age of lambs Antunović Z., Senčić D., Domaćinović M., Šperanda M., Steiner Z. [digitized ] 761
Aspergillosis outbreak in an ostrich flock Timurkaan N., Keskin O., Yılmaz F., Çimtay İ ., [digitized ] 765
Rabies in Poland during the period of 2001-2003 Bednarski M., Rudy A. [digitized ] 767
Rabies in the Lublin voivodeship in 1999-2004 Smeja K. [digitized ] 772
Clinical and histological characterization of ovary tumors in bitches Kusy R., Śmiech A., Łopuszyński W., Szczubiał M., Dąbrowski R., Krasucki J.,
Wawron W.
[digitized ] 775
Ultrastructural study of mitochondria within spontaneous and transplantable epithelial tumors of the mammary glands in animals Nowak M. [digitized ] 781
Toxocariasis in dogs and occurrence of antibodies against Toxocara canis in children Balicka-Ramisz A., Horodnicka-Józwa A., Ramisz A., Laurans Ł.,
Wnuk W., Pilarczyk B.
[digitized ] 786
Craniometric anlysis of American Staffordshire terrier’s skulls Janeczek M., Chrószcz A., Wojnar M., Pospieszny N. [digitized ] 789
Invasive characteristics of C. perfringens strains isolated from malignant neoplasms Cygan W. [digitized ] 792
Multiplex PCR assays for simultaneous identification of Campylobacter jejuni and Campylobacter coli Wieczorek K., Osek J. [digitized ] 797
Adhesion and biofilm formation by different Yersinia enterocolitica biogroups Kot B., Jakubczak A., Domińska M., Kobyłko M. [digitized ] 800
Isolation and characterization of the maedi visna virus from sheep in Poland Kędziora A., Rola M., Bicka L., Junkuszew A., Lipecka Cz., Gruszecki T.,
Kuźmak J.
[digitized ] 804
Development of the hippocampus slit on the fetal life of cattle Krakowska I., Matysek M., Boratyński Z. [digitized ] 808
Morphology and morphometry of the shoulder girdle and epiphysis bones of the domestic Peking duck Charuta A., Bartyzel B.J. [digitized ] 811
Effect of 25-hydroxycholecalciferol in the diet on the quality of bones in caged laying hens Świątkiewicz S., Koreleski J. [digitized ] 814
Ultrasonography in boar's reproductive organ examination Jędraszczyk J., Zieliński A. [digitized ] 818
Effect of different lactating sow feeding schedules on performance and some blood indices Burek R., Grela E.R. [digitized ] 822
Factors determining secondary microflora growth during storage of model sliced block meat product Tyszkiewicz S., Murzynowska M., Kitzman P.,
Moch P., Borys A.
[digitized ] 827
Nitrosamines in beef and in canned products Rywotycki R. [digitized ] 832