Medycyna Wet. 61 (1), 1-120, 2005


Molecular methods of detection and identification of bacterial food pathogens Osek J., Kowalczyk A., Wieczorek K. [digitized ] 5
Importance of ELISA in epidemiology and control of animal infectious diseases Truszczyński M., Pejsak Z. [digitized ] 10
Dairy herd health-care program Barański W., Zduńczyk S., Janowski T., de Kruif A., Opsomer G., Dewulf J. [digitized ] 14
Molecular mechanisms of sex determination in birds Sechman A. [digitized ] 19
Advantages and perspectives of the use of somatic cloning for production of transgenic animals Samiec M., Skrzyszowska M. [digitized ] 24
Monkeypox – a dangerous zoonosis Prokopowicz D., Wierzbicka I. [digitized ] 29
Physiological functions and unusual possibilities of trehalose applications Zdziebło A., Synowiecki J. [digitized ] 31
Collection, assessment, preservation and use of tomcat semen Siemieniuch M.J., Bielas W., Dubiel A. [digitized ] 35


Bioavailability of trace elements proteinates in pigs Novotný J., Seidel H., Kováč G., Bobcek R. [digitized ] 38
Active immunization against enzootic pneumonia in pig farm with poor housing and environmental conditions Siugzdaite J., Garlaite K.,
Siugzda R.
[digitized ] 42
Occurrence of Leptospira serovars in pigs in the years 2002–2003 Wasiński B. [digitized ] 46
Cattle sex regulation by separation of X and Y spermatozoa – preliminary results Bochenek M., Smorąg Z. [digitized ] 50
Relationship between somatic cell counts in cow quarter foremilk samples and etiological agents of mastitis Kłossowska A., Malinowski E.,
Kuźma K.
[digitized ] 53
Evaluation of efficacy of pig vaccination using deleted vaccine against Aujeszky's disease Mikulska-Skupień E., Szweda W., Procajło Z. [digitized ] 58
Treatment of cranial cruciate ligament and meniscus rupture with the external capsular stabilization technique and partial arthroscopic
meniscectomy in dogs
Adamiak Z., Brzeski W., Chorosiński R. [digitized ] 63
Selected oral cavity tumors in dogs Sobczyńska-Rak A., Silmanowicz P., Piórkowski J., Różańska D., Polkowska I., Dębiak P., Listos P. [digitized ] 66
Results of triple pelvic osteotomy as a treatment of hip dysplasia Degórska B., Sterna J., Mastalerz T., Januchta M., Kowalczyk P. [digitized ] 70
Results of artificial insemination with fresh semen and the use of different methods for determining insemination time in bitches Niżański W.,
Klimowicz M.
[digitized ] 75
Induction models of acute pancreatitis: a comparative analysis and correlation with the clinical picture. Madej B., Łuszczewska-Sierakowska I.,
Korobowicz A.
[digitized ] 82
Characterization of gram-negative rods isolated from the mucosal membrane of the dogs’ throat Król J., Florek M., Staroniewicz Z. [digitized ] 86
Tetanus in dogs – authors’ observations Madany J., Milczak J. [digitized ] 90
Infection of circovirus in pigeons Wieliczko A., Piasecki T., Houszka M. [digitized ] 94
Prevalence of Toxoplasma gondii in sheep and goats Górecki M.T., Andrzejewska I., Steppa R. [digitized ] 98
Isoenzymatic activity cases of diarrhea in kid goats Sobiech P., Platt-Samoraj A., Michalski M.M. [digitized ] 100
Residues of chlorinated hydrocarbons in foraging bees and bees from winter scatter Romaniuk K., Spodniewska A., Witkiewicz W. [digitized ] 103
Formation of nitrosamine pollution levels in sterilized canned pork Rywotycki R. [digitized ] 106