Medycyna Wet. 64 (4), 489-492, 2008
Gryzińska M., Niespodziewański M., Widomski P.
Influence of age on morphometric features of the female reproductive tract of polbar hens
The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of age on the macro- and microscopic characteristics of the female reproductive tract in Polbar hens. Additionally, the authors of the study decided to verify whether this unique breed of polbar hens possesses specific characteristics of the reproductive tract, distinct from those presented in specialist literature. The research was conducted on the left ovary and oviduct extracted from 10 female birds from 6 age groups (one day old and 8, 12, 18, 24, 33 and 64 weeks old). The ovary and sections of the infundibulum, magnum, isthmus, shell gland and vagina were taken for preparation in order to define the histological characteristics. In the examined hens the weight of the left ovary increased until the 33rd week of life and then underwent considerable atrophy, which was reflected in the percentage of the proportion of the examined organs in the overall mass of the body. A continued lengthening of the left ovary until the 64th week of life was noted. The ovary length by body weight index had the highest value in the first day of life, after which it decreased until the 18th week of life, while after becoming fertile, this index value rapidly rose. The microscopic analysis of the reproductive organs of the polbar breed did not reveal any specific characteristics for this breed.
Keywords: hens, reproductive tract