Medycyna Wet. 64 (4), 431-433, 2008
Stefaniak T., Janeczko K., Jawor P., Błach J., Pytloch P.
Occurrence of BVDV antibodies in cattle herds showing reproductive pathologies
Aim of the work was to evaluate the frequency of BVDV antibodies in sera of cows from herds with reproductive problems clinically consistent with BVD infection. The study was performed on 1100 serum samples from cows and pregnant heifers from 133 herds from 11 regions. BVDV-antibodies were detected using BVD/MD P 80 ELISA kit. In 44.8% of samples BVDV antibodies were detected. This indicates the increasing problem of BVD infection in Poland. The highest positive sample rate was detected in the Subcarpathian, Lower-Silesian and West-Pomeranian regions. In serologically positive herds reproductive problems were accompanied more frequently with other organ pathologies than in serologically negative herds.
Keywords: BVD, specific antibodies, cows, reproductive disturbances