Medycyna Wet. 64 (6), 782-785, 2008

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ŚŒwiątkiewicz M., Hanczakowska E.
Effect of herbs mixture and enzymes supplementation of a grass silage diet for pigs on performance and meat quality
The effect of supplementing a pig diet containing grass silage with herbs’ mixture and enzymes on body weight gains and quality of carcass and meat was investigated on 64 fatteners originating from sows (PL × LWP) mated with a boar (Duroc × Pietrain). Group I received restricted amounts of feed mixture and ad libitum grass silage. Experimental groups received the same diet with various additives: group II – herbs’ mixture 5.0 kg/t of feed mixture; group III – enzymes (beta-glucanase 325 BGU/g – 200 g/t, xylanase 210 U/g – 200 g/t of feed mixture); group IV – herbs’ mixture together with enzymes. The obtained results indicated that supplementing pigs diet containing grass silage with fodder enzymes, especially enzymes combined with herbs, increased body weight gains of young pigs, during the first fattening period. The addition of herbs’ mixture to grass silage diet improved meat sensory traits and its water holding capacity index and reduced meat yellowness.
Keywords: pig nutrition, grass silage, herb mixture, meat quality