Medycyna Wet. 64 (6), 770-772, 2008

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Farkašová Z., Reichel P., Tóthová C., Hisira V., Kováč G.
Effect of feeding glycerol on rumen fluid and the parameters of the energetic profile in dairy cows
The aim of the authors’ study was to determine the effects of various concentrations of a glycerol-containing preparation on the dynamics of changes in individual parameters of rumen fluid and energetic profile in dairy cows. The presented results suggest a potential positive effect of glycerol as an energetic supplement to dairy cows. A number of studies have showed that the positive effect of glycerol is influenced by the administered doses, time of feeding and the form of administered glycerol. In this experiment a significant positive effect of glycerol was observed only in the third experimental group that was administered the highest dose of the investigated preparation and was reflected in pH (P < 0.05), acetic acid (P < 0.05), butyric acid (P < 0.0) and BHB (P < 0.01). The recorded moderate antilipolytic and glucoplastic effects of glycerol and the buffering capacity of the powder vehicle used (zeolite) on the health of dairy cows needs to be further verified in a long- -term experiment with the highest dose of glycerol.
Keywords: feeding glycerol, dairy cows, transition period in dairy cows