Medycyna Wet. 64 (10), 1218-1220, 2008
Nowicki M., Brzeski W., Adamiak Zb., Chyczewski M., Jałyński M., Matyjasik H.
Estimation of the usage of biofragmentable Valtrac-BAR rings for intestinal anastomosis in dogs
The aim of the study was to estimate the clinical usefulness of biofragmentable Valtrac-BAR rings for intestinal anastomosis. In 2001-2007 thirty two intestinal anastomosis were performed in dogs with 25 and 28 mm external diameter BAR rings, made with poliglicol acid (87.5%) and barrum sulphurate (12.5%). Anastomosis of the small intestinal, ileum and intestinal colon were performed in dogs of various breeds, aged from 8 months to 10 years, body weight from 25 to 50 kg, which were clinically and radiologically examined. In all dogs obstruction of the alimentary system was diagnosed and this condition was a direct indication for intestinal resection. In the post-operative period the treated dogs did not show any complications connected to the performed surgical procedures. All dogs showed good general condition. Control, contrast x-ray examination indicated no leakage, and confirmed physiological tonus and intestinal peristaltic movement. Valtrac-BAR ring is a semi-automatic type of suture, mechanical-compression, which allows for easy, safe, and fast intestinal anastomosis in dogs.
Keywords: intestinal anastomoses, dogs, biofragmentable ring Valtrac.