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Microassisted fertilization in horses Kochan J., Tischner M. [summary] 262
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Topographical anatomy of dog’s middle and inner ears Wysocki J. [summary] 318
Ultrasound anatomy of the hip joint in dogs Jońska I., Narojek T. [summary] 323
Endoscopy in the diagnosis of respiratory tract diseases in dogs Sapikowski G. [summary] 327
Intestinal parasites and health problems in horses in different breeding systems Gawor J., Kornaś S., Charčenko V., Nowosad B., Skalska M. [summary] 331
Applying immunoperoxidase and Antigen-Capture ELISA methods for rapidly diagnosing infectious bursal disease Minta Z., Domańska-Blicharz K.,
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Immunoglobulin content in colostrum of cows within select genetic and environmental factors Guliński P., Niedziałek G., Salamończyk E.,
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