Medycyna Wet. 62 (2), 121-240, 2006


Achievements in research into mechanisms of immunity Larski Z. [summary] 123
Telepathology – new diagnostic tool Lipińska J., Szymaś J., Szarek J. [summary] 127
Mechanisms of clinical use of gestagens and their influence on canine and feline reproduction Jurka P., Max A. [summary] 130
Animal behavior: education-standard proposal Pisula W. [summary] 135
Structure and application of select glycosaminoglycans Zeyland J., Lipiński D., Juzwa W., Pławski A., Słomski R [summary] 139
Bacteria of Enterococcus genus in milk and dairy products Ziarno M. [summary] 145
Selected bacterial dermatoses in cattle Sławuta P., Nicpoń J., Mróz K., Nicpoń J. [summary] 149


Pig osteochondrosis in Lithuania: prevalence, influence on productivity, selection vista – in English Klimienė A., Klimas R. [summary] 152
Seroprevalence of theileriosis and babesiosis of cattle – in English Kaya G., Cakmak A., Karaer Z. [summary] 156
PremiÒTest - screening test for detection of sulphadimidine residues in eggs of laying hens – in English Marcinčák S., Hussein K., Máté D., Kožárová I.,
Sokol J., Zdolec N.
[summary] 159
Effect of different transport temperatures of cattle and sheep ovaries on in vitro maturation of oocytes - in English Özdaş Ö.B., Taş M., Umut C.,
Mithat E., Bacınoğlu S., Kamber D., Ak K., İleri K.İ.
[summary] 162
Applying Real Time PCR for detecting pestiviruses Stadejek T., Janicka K., Pejsak Z. [summary] 165
Morphometrical analysis of neurons of the amygdaloideum's nucleus corpus amygdaloideum baso-lateralis Łuszczewska-Sierakowska I. [summary] 170
Dorsal cervical superficial lymph nodes in pigs during prenatal development Wojnar M., Pospieszny N. [summary] 174
Influence of selected stimulators on chemiluminescence of peripheral blood neutrophils in horses Strusińska D., Kaliniewicz J., Skok A. [summary] 179
Influence of total immunoglobulin level in the colostrum and serum of cows on the passive immunity level in calves Błaszkowska M.,
Twardoń J.
[summary] 185
Intramammary infections caused by environmental pathogens in cows Krukowski H. [summary] 189
Effects of age on the pharmacokinetics of paracetamol in calves Grochowina B., Janus K. [summary] 193
Performance of Black-and-White cows imported from the Netherlands and Germany compared to cows bred in Poland Skrzypek R.,
Szukalski L.
[summary] 197
Detecting Anaplasma phagocytophilum DNA in blood of roe deer and in ticks Adamska M. [summary] 201
Influence of selected stimulators on chemiluminescence of peripheral blood neutrophils in horses Krumrych W., Wiśniewski E. [summary] 204
Sexual activity in Arabian mares with endometriosis in the winter season Kusy R., Wawron W. [summary] 207
Strongyles invasions in mares during the prenatal and early gestation period Romaniuk K., Jaworski Z., Golonka M. [summary] 212
Immunohistochemical location of telomerase in lymphoma malignum in dogs Dzimira S., Madej J.A., Nowak M. [summary] 215
Significance of the cytodiagnostics of peritoneal effusion in determining the causes of ascites in dogs Glińska K., Dzimira S., Hildebrand W.,
Nicpoń J., Czerw M.
[summary] 219
Effects of acetazolamide on acid-base and electrolyte equilibrium parameters and electrocardiograms in dogs Pomianowski A., Kuleta Z.,
Sobiech P., Wiśniewska M., Procajło A.
[summary] 223
Effects of quercetin on the induction of sperm abnormalities in mice Czeczot H., Podsiad M. [summary] 227
Age-related changes in tau protein isoform expression in mice brains Usarek E., Kuźma M., Kaźmierczak B., Muench Ch., Ludolph A.C.,
Barańczyk-Kuźma A.
[summary] 231