Medycyna Wet. 65 (1), 6-8, 2009
Truszczyński M., Pejsak Z.
Role of circovirus PCV2 in reproductive failure in swine
Porcine reproductive disease associated with PCV2 (PRD-PCV2), as one of several syndromes of the porcine circovrirus diseases (PCVD), was characterized. Differences in relation to the Porcine Parvovirus infection, also causing reproductive failure in swine, but to a larger extent, were presented. Diagnostic tests for PCV2 identification and antibody detection were enumerated. The transplacental infection of the fetus by the viremic sow was the only way of PRD-PCV2 proliferation. The ability of PCV2 to replicate in the fetuses and cause pathologic abnormalities was demonstrated. The heart of the fetuses contained the highest virus titre and the highest number of antigen positive cells. Gross lesions observed in dead mummified or not mummified fetuses were described - the most characteristic were those in the heart. The myocardium, which was hypertrophic, showed multiple and irregular pale areas that corresponded to histological lesions of necrosis. The relationship between a herd of swine with PMWS and PRD-PCV2 as the mechanism of continuous infection in sows, fetuses and pigs growing with PMWS was presented. It was demonstrated that countering the infection is a complex task requiring the vaccination of sows against accompanying infections and against PCV2 as well as an appropriate management of the farm aimed at ensuring the welfare of animals.
Keywords: swine, PCV2, reproductive failure