Medycyna Wet. 65 (1), 12-14, 2009
Adaszek Ł., Winiarczyk S, Ziętek J.
In vitro cultivation of Babesia organisms isolated from animals
Babesia organisms are hemoprotozoa isolated from people and animals. Their in vitro cultivation supplies information about the morphology and ultrastructure of these parasites. They make it possible to obtain the genetic material for diagnostic elaborations and for detections of phylogenetic relationships between various species of Babesia. Protozoa cultivated on red blood cells can be a source of parasite antigen or attenuated strains of protozoa which can be used for vaccinations. The cultures of Babesia species are kept in an erythrocytes host, taken from the animals from which Babesia is most frequently isolated, suspended in tissue culture media with the addition of sera, in microaerophil conditions at 37°C. The specific circumstances and factors that are needed to obtain an effective Babesia culture are very often the reason of the failure of these investigations.
Keywords: Babesia spp., in vitro cultivation, erytrocythes