Medycyna Wet. 65 (3), 208-210, 2009

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Wałkuska G., Wojciechowski M., Choduń M., Kaciuba H.
A case of sabin juniper intoxication in a cat and its clinical course.
Sabin juniper (Juniperus sabina L.) is very toxic for humans and animals. The aim of this paper was to present the clinical course of sabin juniper intoxication in a 3-year-old-queen. Clinical symptoms after the ingestion of a juniper branch were general weakness, decreased body temperature, anorexia, bloody vomiting and the nerological symptoms: corectasia, involuntary movements, paraplegia and loss of consciousness. In the final stage symptoms of dyspnea, respiratory failure and total respiratory arrest were expressed in the animal. The autopsy showed haemorrhagic inflammation of the small intestine. Feed content with clotted blood was present in the small intestine. Local congestion and petechias were seen in the intestinal mucosa.
Keywords: sabin juniper (Juniperus sabina L.), cat, intoxication