Medycyna Wet. 65 (3), 205-207, 2009

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Zbigniew Adamiak, Zdzisław Peczyński, Marek Jałyński, Adam Piórek
Arthrodesis of the metacarpophalangeal joint in a pony – a case report
Arthrodesis it is a salvage surgical procedure for eliminating motion in an osteoarthritically-changed joint by providing a bony fusion. The aim of the presented study is to share a clinical experience of the treatment of end-stage degenerative joint disease of the metacarpophalangeal joint in a pony. In the described case rigid joint stabilization was achieved with a dynamic compression plate (DCP) and 4.5 mm cortical screws. The above mentioned plate and screws were optimal and useful for the management and complete fusion of the treated metacarpophalangeal joint.
Keywords: arthrodesis, pony, dynamic compression plate, degenerative joint disease.