Medycyna Wet. 65 (3), 194-197, 2009

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Wrona Z., Klimont M., Krakowski L.
An attempt at estimating the correlation between selected parameters of boar spermatozoa movement indicators and the time of spermatozoa storage in standard conditions.
The objective of the study was to determinate the correlation between selected parameters of boar sperm movement (type of movement and speed of movement) and the storage time of a liquid insemination dose. For dose preparation semen was diluted in a solvent that supports spermatozoa vitality for five days. Nine reproduction boars were used for the study. The spermatozoon was examined with the use of the computer sperm analyzer SCA produced by MICROPTIC S.L. The evaluation concerned the type of movement (progressive movement and other types of movement) and speed of movement (fast, medium, slow and static). Spermatozoa morphology examination was also performed and the percentage of dead spermatozoa was established. Data obtained in the study indicated that spermatozoa dose was suitable for use for 48 hours after collec-tion. On the fourth day and later the quality parameters of the sperm insemination dose did not guarantee a sufficient fertilization rate. The method of evaluation used in the study makes it possible to verify sperm dose quality indicators over the whole time of spermatozoa storage
Key words: computer sperm analyzer, spermatozoa individual movement, semen quality.