Medycyna Wet. 63 (11-jubilee WULS-SGGW), 1385-1512, 2007


Differences in spermatozoon: physiology or pathology? Bierła J.B., Giżejewski Z. [summary] 1408
Autophagy in the remodeling of bovine mammary glands Gajewska M., Gajkowska B., Sobolewska A., Motyl T. [summary] 1412
Use of three-dimensional cultures (3D) in the investigation of bovine mammary gland biology Kozłowski M., Motyl T. [summary] 1417
DNA Microarray: a new tool in molecular physiology and pathology Sadkowski T., Motyl T. [summary] 1421
Structure, classification and methods of identification of honey bee viruses Kasprzak S., Topolska G. [summary] 1427


Isolation of Gallibacterium spp. from peacocks with respiratory tract infection – in English Rzewuska M., Karpińska E., Szeleszczuk P.,
Binek M.
[summary] 1431
Apple peels and pulp as a source of bioactive compounds and their influence digestibility and lipid profile in normal and atherogenic
– in English Leontowicz H., Leontowicz M., Gorinstein S., Martin-Belloso O., Somon Trakhtenberg [summary] 1434
Papaverine should not be used as an indicator for controlling the ability of the gastrointestinal tract muscle to relax in vitro – in English
Chłopecka M., Dziekan N., Bąkała A., Wiechetek M., Mendel M.
[summary] 1437
Optimization of the technique for short-term culture of equine hepatocytes – in English Bąkała A., Karlik W., Wiechetek M., Grono D.,
Głowala A.
[summary] 1440
Digital assessment of radiograms of the spongy structure of the proximal phalanx of thoroughbreds and Arabian horses Dzierzęcka M.,
Majchrzak T., Czerwiński E., Kobryń H.
[summary] 1443
Triplet pregnancy in mares and its further development after reduction of supernumeraries embryonic vesicles Witkowski M. [summary] 1448
Echocardiographic evaluation of diastolic parameters in dogs with mitral valve regurgitation Garncarz M.A. [summary] 1450
Infarctus in dogs and cats: a review of select cases Sapierzyński R. [summary] 1457
Influence of EDTA-3K and trisodium citrate on dog platelets activation Matuszkiewicz M., Winnicka A. [summary] 1462
Atlantooccipital and atlantoaxial ligaments in dogs from a clinical anatomy perspective Wielądek A., Kupczyńska M. [summary] 1466
Case of pyonephritis in the cow Ciupa S., Max A., Sobczak-Filipiak M., Rzewuska M. [summary] 1470
Physiological properties and genomic diversity of Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis strain isolates from goats in Poland Stefańska I.,
Rzewuska M., Nowicki M., Kaba J., Binek M.
[summary] 1474
Role of central -opioid receptors in the wall of gastric myoelectrical spike burst activity in sheep Kania B.F., Wielgosz M. [summary] 1478
Evaluation of the efficacy of traditional and molecular methods for Salmonella detection in raw and heated poultry meat Nowicki M.,
Szczawiński J.
[summary] 1482
Case of avian encephalomyelitis in commercial broilers Dymacz G., Szeleszczuk P., Houszka M. [summary] 1485
Role of Bcl-2 and Bax proteins in apoptosis observed during ECTV-MOS infection of BALB/c mice Krzyżowska M., Winnicka A.,
Niemiałtowski M.
[summary] 1490
Effect of dietary supplementation with fructans and chromium(III) on blood glucose and insulin and beta-oxidation in lymphocytes of type 1
diabetic rats
Krejpcio Z., Kurył T., Dębski B., Wójcik R.W. [summary] 1494
Prevalence of Lawsonia intracellularis infection in a pig population showing no signs of the disease Pławińska-Czarnak J., Binek M. [summary] 1497
Influence of iron-dextran treatment on hepatic mineral elements content in new born piglets Gralak M.A., Lipiński P., Starzyński R., Smuda E., Kurył T.,
Dębski B.
[summary] 1500
First cases of Nosema ceranae infection in bees in Poland Topolska G., Kasprzak S. [summary] 1504