Medycyna Wet. 63 (11), 1265-1384, 2007


Most important viral zoonoses transmitted by non-human primates Kalicki M. [summary] 1267
Global occurrence in 2006-2007 of significant epizootic diseases, according to the OIE Wijaszka T., Truszczyński M. [summary] 1270
Bluetongue epizootiology Trębas P., Smreczak M., Orłowska A., Żmudziński J.F. [summary] 1273
Microbiological risk factors in food – Enterobacter sakazakii Korpysa-Dzirba W., Rola J.G., Osek J. [summary] 1277
New generation of vaccines against equine influenza virus infection Purzycka M., Rożek W., Żmudziński J.F. [summary] 1281
High pressure induced changes in microorganisms’ cells Malinowska-Pańczyk E., Kołodziejska I. [summary] 1285
Feed additives enhancing immune responses in poultry Świątkiewicz S., Koreleski J. [summary] 1291
Milk substitutes for dairy calves Górka P., Kowalski Z.M. [summary] 1296
Isotopic methods of gastric emptying in dogs and cats Romański K. [summary] 1300


Level of accumulation of selected heavy metals in horse tissue as a function of age - in English Rudy M., Znamirowska A., Zin M. [summary] 1303
Morphohistochemical profile of red and pink muscles in freshwater fish - in English Nejedli S., Kozarić Z., Gjurčeviċ Kantura V., Zobundžija M.,
Petrinec Z., Matašin Ž., Vlahović K.
[summary] 1307
Influence of the short-term road transport stress on blood parameters in cows - in English Ali-Gholi R., Siamak A-R., Daryoush M. [summary] 1311
Effects of different intravaginal progesterone releasing devices on estrous synchronization and LH surge in fat-tailed ewes during non-breeding
- in English Gungor O., Cenesiz M., Pancarci S.M., Yildiz S., Kaya M., Kacar C., Ozyurtlu N., Gurbulak K. [summary] 1316
Distribution and quantitative patterns of T lymphocytes in the female reproductive tract and ovary throughout the oestrus cycle in Angora Goats
- in English Karaca T., Arikan S., Kalender H., Yoruk M. [summary] 1320
Effect of combined treatment with carprofen and enalapril on ductus construction in dogs with patent ductus arteriosus - in English Bakirel U.,
Güneş S., Bakirel T.
[summary] 1324
Evaluation of the expediency of endoscopy in diagnosing tracheal collapse in dogs Kubiak K., Nicpoń J., Jankowski M., Sikorska A., Spużak J.,
Dubińska A.
[summary] 1328
Shot wounds from pneumatic arms Houszka M., Kapuśniak V., Novak M. [summary] 1331
Prevalence of Echinococcus multilocularis tapeworm in red foxes in central Poland Borecka A., Gawor J., Malczewska M., Malczewski A. [summary] 1333
Development of ELISA tests for detecting infections of European porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus Stadejek T., Oleksiewicz M.B.,
Pejsak Z.
[summary] 1336
Tolfenamic acid in prophylaxis and therapy of agalactia syndrome in sows and their litters Kotowski K., Żmudzki J. [summary] 1342
Comparison of the efficacy of particular methods of early pregnancy detection in bitches Dzięcioł M., Kozdrowski R., Twardoń J.,
Dejneka G.J.
[summary] 1346
Highly pathogenic avian influenza H5N1 in wild birds in Poland - analysis of first cases Minta Z., Śmietanka K., Domańska-Blicharz K.,
Tomczyk G., Wijaszka T.
[summary] 1349
Influence of age at slaughter of chicks on butchering characteristics and on the quality of meat tissues Szkucik K., Pisarski R.K., Nastaj B., Pijarska I.,
Malec H.
[summary] 1353
Water extracts of fresh garlic in the nutrition of young slaughter turkeys Majewska T., Mikulski D., Święcicka-Grabowska G., Wójcik R. [summary] 1357
A case of sarcocystosis in wild ducks Stenzel T., Koncicki A. [summary] 1361
Behaviour of cows in milking parlour Budzyńska M., Krupa W., Tietze M. [summary] 1363
Effect of a successive lactation and its stages on milk performance of Jersey and Polish Holstein-Friesian cows Antkowiak I., Pytlewski J.,
Skrzypek R.
[summary] 1366
Course of strongyles invasion in treated and untreated primitive Polish horses Romaniuk K., Jaworski Z. [summary] 1370
Occurrence of tapeworm, roundworm and botfly larvae in horses from southern Poland Kornaś S., Skalska M., Nowosad B., Gawor J., Łabaziewicz I.,
Babiuch A.
[summary] 1373
Existence and pathomorhological picture of gasterophilosis in horses from north-east Poland Pawlas M., Sołtysiak Z., Nicpoń J., Nicpoń J. [summary] 1377
Genetic diversity of equine arteritis virus strains among permanently infected stallions in stallion depots in Poland Larska M., Rola J. [summary] 1381