Medycyna Wet. 63 (10), 1137-1264, 2007


Ghrelin/Obestatin: a new mechanism for appetite control? Ocłoń E., Pietras M. [summary] 1139
Passive and active immunity against infectious diseases of suckling until weaning Truszczyński M., Pejsak Z. [summary] 1142
Proteomics in relation to renal physiology and pathophysiology Ożgo M., Skrzypczak W.F., Herosimczyk A., Mazur A. [summary] 1146
Early embryonic development of domestic cat Przetocka-Wydro A., Dejneka G., Kuryszko J. [summary] 1151
Effect of nutrients on immune response in poultry Świątkiewicz S., Koreleski J. [summary] 1155
Implementation of aptamers in the diagnosis of prion diseases Szpechciński A., Stępień A., Izdebska M., Grzanka A., Jaśkowski J. [summary] 1159
Influence of the peripheral nervous system on ovarian functions Jana B., Majewski M. [summary] 1163


Influence of the therapy of laying hens with selected antibiotics on the presence of Salmonella Enteritidis in the contents of the eggs – in English
Kolasa A., Rzedzicki J., Skowron M.
[summary] 1168
Importance of direct ophtalmoscopy and ultrasonography in the diagnostics of equine recurrent uveitis – in English Krisova S., Mezerova J.,
Zert Z.
[summary] 1172
Effect of two dietary protein levels on testosterone, testicular parameters and semen quality in ram lambs during pubertal development – in English
Elmaz Ö., Cirit Ü., Keser O., Gürbulak K., Güvenç K., Kutay C.
[summary] 1177
Determination of E. coli O157 in raw and cooked Doner kebabs by using IMS technique – in English Arun, O.O., Aydin, A., Vural, A., Ciftcioglu, G.,
Aksu, H.
[summary] 1181
Isolation, identification and antibiotic susceptibility of Campylobacter spp. in aborted sheep fetuses – in English Yeşilmen S., Gül K. [summary] 1184
Localization of heat shock protein 70 and metallothionein immunoreactivity associated with copper deficiency in the CNS of lambs – in English
Tunca R., Dag Erginsoy S., Sozmen M., Guvenc T., Ercag E.
[summary] 1187
Detection of gonadotropin-releasing hormone and somatostatin-14 containing cells in the mammary gland of guinea pig – in English
Gencer Tarakcı B., Yaman M., Bayrakdar A.
[summary] 1193
Oral tumors in dogs and cats: retrospective review of 143 cases Sapierzyński R., Malicka E., Bielecki W., Krawiec M., Osińska B., Sendecka H.,
Sobczak-Filipiak M.
[summary] 1196
Traumatic dental luxation in dogs: a clinical case Polkowska I., Orzelski M. [summary] 1200
Case report of protothecosis in a dog Dzimira S., Nowak M., Brzana A., Łopuszyński W. [summary] 1204
Clinical and radiographic examination of three cases of radial hemimelia in cats Balicki I., Komsta R., Dębiak P., Imioło R. [summary] 1207
Comparison of expressions of oestrogen and progesterone receptors in adenocarcinomas of the mammary gland in bitches with mitotic activity
of neoplastic cells
Nowak M., Madej J.A., Dzięgiel P. [summary] 1211
Serum concentration of cystatin and antitrypsin activity in chicken infection diseases Gołąb K., Gaweł A., Warwas M., Mazurkiewicz M. [summary] 1216
Psittacine beak and feather disease virus infection in Poland Piasecki T., Wieliczko A., Kuczkowski M. [summary] 1220
Morphology and morphometry of the peripheral part of the pelvis limb of domesticated ducks Charuta A., Stotko L. [summary] 1224
Total number of bacteria and Salmonella on the skin of broiler chicken carcasses after sonication Stasiak D.M., Dolatowski Z.J.,
Kordowska-Wiater M.
[summary] 1230
Efficacy of feed containing broth and fish oil in piglet rearing performance Bakuła T., Obremski K., Iwaniuk Z., Ordyński Z., Wiese I.,
Kołodziej K.
[summary] 1234
Hematological, biochemical and acid-base equilibrium parameters of the European Brown Hare Nicpoń J., Sławuta P., Nicpoń J.,
Noszczyk-Nowak A.
[summary] 1239
Electrophisiological study of the heart in swine during experimental hyperthyroxinemia Noszczyk-Nowak A. [summary] 1242
Effect of somatic cell counts in milk on cow fertility Skrzypek R., Antkowiak I., Pytlewski J. [summary] 1247
Cysticercosis pisiformis in rabbit livers Sołtysiak Z., Bednarski M., Piekarska J. [summary] 1251
Indices of immunity in rabbits experimentally infected with strains of RHD virus differing in haemagglutination properties Tokarz-Deptuła B.,
Niedźwiedzka P., Hukowska-Szematowicz B., Deptuła W.
[summary] 1254
Influence of interval and endurance training on the level of chosen blood parameters and heart rates in trotters Kędzierski W., Kowalik S.,
Janczarek I.
[summary] 1258