Medycyna Wet. 63 (7), 753-880, 2007


Role of viruses in the evolution of life Larski Z. [summary] 755
Shiga toxin-producing E. coli – the actual state of knowledge Weiner M., Osek J. [summary] 758
Defensins: an alternative for antibiotics? Bagnicka E., Jóźwik A., Strzałkowska N., Krzyżewski J., Zwierzchowski L. [summary] 763
Principles of gastrointestinal immunology Romański K. [summary] 768
Rapid methods for microorganism identification in food Bzducha A. [summary] 773
Molecular studies of foot-and-mouth disease virus serotypes Paprocka G. [summary] 778
Current problems of streptococcal infections in fish Bednarska M., Bednarski M., Polechoński R. [summary] 783
External and internal damage of cow teats Olechnowicz J. [summary] 786


Chemical composition of garlic preparation and its utilization in piglet diets - in English Grela E.R., Klebaniuk R. [summary] 792
Influence of the forms of α-ketoglutarate as feed additive on some blood indices and performance of growing rats- in English Filip R.S.,
Pierzynowski S.G.
[summary] 796
Effect of bulky feed type on slaughter traits and meat quality of finishing Limousin bulls- in English Bilik K., Choroszy Z.,
Łopuszańska-Rusek M.
[summary] 801
Toltrazuril treatment for acute clinical coccidiosis in hair goat kids: clinical, pathological, haematologic and biochemical findings Ocal N.,
Yagci B.B., Duru S.Y., Kul O.
[summary] 805
Application of RT-nested-PCR for RNA detection of swine influenza virus in clinical samples Kowalczyk A., Markowska-Daniel I., Pejsak Z. [summary] 810
Surgical aspects of pig kidneys collection for xenotransplantation Skuciński J., Nowak W., Wieczorek J., Solecki R. [summary] 815
Salmonella rod incidence in humans in Lublin Tietze M., Trawińska B., Gągoł M. [summary] 819
Efficiency of 50% Nifursol for the control of trichomonosis in pigeons Gaweł A., Piasecki T., Mazurkiewicz M. [summary] 823
Localization of the HVT FC 126 virus strain in internal organs of chickens vaccinated against Marek’s disease Samorek-Salamonowicz E., Czekaj H.,
Kozdruń W., Król K.
[summary] 827
Effectivity of organic acids and synbiotic in chicken-broiler feeding Brzóska F. [summary] 831
Simmental cattle’s lipid profile and age dependence Brucka-Jastrzębska E., Kawczuga D., Orowicz W. [summary] 836
Cytotoxicity of salinomycin and lasalocid in a model hepatocyte cell line of a rat Radko L., Cybulski W., Rzeski W. [summary] 839
Effect of physical training on lipid pattern and concentrations of calcium and magnesium in the serum of Standardbred trotters Janiak M.,
Suska M.
[summary] 843
Course and dynamics of Werneckiella equi invasion in primitive Polish horses Romaniuk K., Jaworski Z. [summary] 847
Changes in the content of fat and protein in milk from the high yield cows Tomaszewski A., Hibner A., Zachwieja A., Tesyna E., Chládek G. [summary] 850
Longevity with reference to lifespan and value of production traits Varisella E.A., Nienartowicz-Zdrojewska A., Dymarski I., Sobek Z., Wolc A. [summary] 854
Various cases of flavobacteriosis in trout and carp cultured in Poland Kozińska A., Pękala A. [summary] 858
Level of haptoglobin, IgG and lysozyme in sera of polar foxes in relation to their behavior Kostro K., Zoń A., Jarosz Ł., Stefaniak T. [summary] 864
Primary adenocarcinoma of the lacrimal gland in a dog Sołtysiak Z., Nowaczyk R., Nowak M. [summary] 868
Effect of high hydrostatic pressure on selected quality features of baked pâté processed with mechanically deboned poultry meat in their formula
Pietrzak D., Mroczek J., Skupiński S., Hać-Szymańczuk E., Fonberg-Broczek M.
[summary] 870