Medycyna Wet. 63 (6), 625-752, 2007


In vitro production (IVP) of pig embryos: recent aspects Jeziorkowski M., Antosik P., Jaśkowski [summary] 627
Manipulations of avian gametes and embryos Hrabia A., Shimada K., Rząsa J. [summary] 632
Effects of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs on corpus luteum function Chrostowska M., Jaroszewski J., Markiewicz W. [summary] 635
Mycobacterium genavense – a serious pathogen in mammals and birds Ledwoń A., Szeleszczuk P [summary] 638
Economic losses caused by parasite invasions in animals and methods of their evaluation Michalski M.M. [summary] 643
Eradication of bovine leukaemia in Poland Rudy A., Płoneczka K. [summary] 648
Lipid compositions of beef in relation to type of feed and breed of cow Bilik K., Łopuszańska-Rusek M., Węglarzy K. [summary] 651


Evaluation of agreement of ELISA and complement fixation test in the diagnostics of Q fever in cattle – in English Jóźwik A., Jakubowski T.,
Kaba J., Jurkowski W., Witkowski L., Nowicki M., Frymus T.
[summary] 655
Chemical composition of leg muscles of six ducks strains – in English Wołoszyn J., Książkiewicz J., Skrabka-Błotnicka T., Haraf G., Biernat J.,
Szukalski G.
[summary] 658
Levels of parathyroid hormone, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium in blood sera of healthy and sick cows – in English Špakauskas V.,
Klimienė I.
[summary] 662
Effects of subclinical bovine leukemia virus infection on fertility of Holstein cows and heifers – in English Yavru S., Kale M., Ata A., Yapkıc O.,
Bulut O., Gulay M.S.
[summary] 667
Use of early conceptıon factor test (ecf) for determining pregnancy and embryonıc mortality status of daıry cows – in English Baştan A., Özenç E.,
Macun H.C., Acar D.B., Güngör Ö.
[summary] 670
Evaluation on serum glucose, BHB, urea and cortisol concentrations in pregnant ewes – in English Ramin AG, Asri-Rezaie S, Macali SA [summary] 674
Prevalence of Coenurus cerebralis in sheep in Turkey – in English Uslu U., Guclu F. [summary] 678
Cryptosporidium spp. and Giardia spp. infections in sled dogs Bajer A., Bednarska M. [summary] 681
Residues of volatile gaseous substances in the tissues of polar foxes Nowakowicz-Dębek B., Buszewicz G., Chmielowiec-Korzeniowska A., Saba L.,
Bis-Wencel H., Wnuk W.
[summary] 688
New variant of the amelogenin gene in cattle Grzybowski G., Prusak B., Trela J. [summary] 692
Pharmacokinetics of caffeine in Black-and-White breed and BW x HF cross-breed calves Janus K., Bartos A., Kozłowska M., Suszycki S.,
Antoszek J., Muszczyński Z.
[summary] 696
Epizootic situation of rabies in warmińsko-mazurskie voivodeship in the years 2001-2005 Siemionek J., Szweda W., Radkowski M. [summary] 700
Effect of stimulating the reproductive tract with synthetic plasma of semen on the results of the reproduction of gilts and sows Rekiel A.,
Sujka E.
[summary] 703
Intravital assessment traits and reproductive results of purebred Hampshire and Pietrain boars and crossbred boars raised at insemination
Milewska W. [summary] 708
Application of the indirect immunoperoxidase test to confirm the specificity EAV isolates Larska M., Rola J. [summary] 712
Occurrence of antibiotic resistant staphylococci in the atmospheric air at a sewage treatment plant Breza-Boruta B., Paluszak Z. [summary] 717
Phenotypic profile of the pathogenicity of Malassezia pachydermatis strains Nowakiewicz A., Ziółkowska G. [summary] 721
Non-specific immunity in rabbits experimentally infected with EBHS virus Nowaczyk P., Deptuła W. [summary] 727
Topographical anatomy of the middle and inner ear of rabbits Wysocki J., Skarżyński H., Krasucki K. [summary] 731
Lead and cadmium content in bees from apiaries of Warmia and Mazury province Spodniewska A. [summary] 736
Nitrosamine contamination in game meat Rywotycki R. [summary] 738
Effect of casing type and thermal processing on the microbial and organoleptic changes in the quality of scalded homogenized sausages Pyrcz J.,
Danyluk B., Kowalski R.
[summary] 742