Medycyna Wet. 63 (4), 377-496, 2007


Do noroviruses in the environment and food constitute a new threat? Rzeżutka A., Kozyra I., Chrobocińska M., Kaupke A., Mizak B. [summary] 379
Role of stem cells in tumor structure Madej J.A. [summary] 384
Factors involved in the maturation of dog oocytes in vitro Włodarczyk R., Bukowska D., Jaśkowski J.M. [summary] 389
Foot and mouth disease vaccine banks in Europe: present status and the future prospects Niedbalski W., Kęsy A. [summary] 394
Molecular aspects of bovine embryos apoptosis under heat shock conditions Izdebska M., Łabędzka K., Włodarczyk R., Jaśkowski J.M.,
Grzanka A.
[summary] 399
Role of bacteria of the genus Leuconostoc for the dairy industry Ziarno M. [summary] 403
Mechanical aspects of gastrointestinal motor activity Romański K. [summary] 408


Distribution and morphology of ChAT- and VACht-immunoreactive neurons in the tuberal hypothalamus of the pig – in English Całka J., Juranek J.,
Wąsowicz K., Kaleczyc J., Łakomy M.
[summary] 412
Interaction of Yersinia enterocolitica biotype 4 and 1A strains with macrophages in vitro – in English Kot B., Stępińska M., Jakubczak A.,
Trafny E.A.
[summary] 416
Effect of concentrated microwave field on bacteria reduction and physical properties of egg white – in English Węsierska E., Trziszka T. [summary] 421
Effect of gamma irradiation on microbiological quality of fermented sausages – in English Vural A., Ciftcioglu G., Aksu H. [summary] 425
Role of pericardial effusion in dogs with and without Cardiac neoplaesia - in English Bakirel U., Ulgen S. [summary] 428
Effects of different calcium levels on broiler performance and tibia bone parameters – in English Demirel R., Baran M. S. , Bilal T., Çevrim U. [summary] 432
Induction of estrus in anoestrus bitches using cabergoline and gonadotropins (eCG, hCG) Jurczak A., Janowski T. [summary] 435
Influence of administration of cyclophosphamide on the quality of male dogs semen Brodzki P., Wrona Z., Krakowski L., Brodzki A.,
Łopuszyński W.
[summary] 439
Constrictive pericarditis in a dog: case report Pasławska U., Glińska K., Atamaniuk W., Hałoń A., Nicpoń J. [summary] 444
Phenotypic characteristics of Malassezia pachydermatis strains Nowakiewicz A., Ziółkowska G. [summary] 448
Validation of a solid-phase competition ELISA (SPCE) for measuring antibodies to foot-and-mouth disease virus Niedbalski W., Kęsy A. [summary] 455
Morphology and morphometry of the pelvic girdle as well as the head and connecting segments in the pelvic limb of the domestic Peking duck
Charuta A., Reymond J.
[summary] 459
Endometrial biopsy of mares: visualization of healthy and diseased structure Katkiewicz M., Witkowski M., Zając S. [summary] 463
Effect of anti-Yersinia pseudotuberculosis vaccine and Propionibacterium acnes immunostimulator on transferrin and iron concentration in mare
and foal sera
Czernomysy-Furowicz D. [summary] 467
Bacillus cereus strains isolated from raw milk, dairy products, the environment of milk production, and their ability to grow in low temperatures
Berthold A.
[summary] 471
Effect of thermal processing on changes in the quality of scalded homogenized sausages Pyrcz J., Kowalski R., Danyluk B. [summary] 475
Chloroorganic insecticides in the fatty tissue and liver of free-living pheasants Janicki B., Borejszo Z., Smoczyński S.S., Sumczyński P.,
Olszewska K.
[summary] 481
Invasion of Dermanyssus gallinae in a laying hen farm Sokół R., Romaniuk K. [summary] 484