Medycyna Wet. 64 (10), 1169-1264, 2008


The 76th General Session of the OIE – a proof of the increasing international interest of the undertaken subjects Truszczyński M., Wijaszka T.,
Lech E.
[summary] 1171
Some new data concerning virology and immunology Larski Z. [summary] 1176
Pathogenesis of foot-and-mouth disease Paprocka G. [summary] 1180
Selected factors stimulating the development of some gastrointestinal parts in turkeys Lecewicz A., Jankowski J., Zduńczyk Z.,
Juśkiewicz J.
[summary] 1184
Selected reproductive biotechniques used in dog breeding Duszewska A.M., Baumgart U., Kunowska-Slósarz M. [summary] 1188
Theoretical and practical aspects of the RNA interference phenomenon Hukowska-Szematowicz B., Deptuła W. [summary] 1191


Histomorphological characteristics of some muscles of Lika's Pramenka breed lambs in comparison with crossbreeds of Istrian Pramenka breed
- in English Gjurčević Kantura V., Zobundžija M., Nejedli S., Sušić V., Gjurčević E., Mikulec Ž., Mioković B., Janječić Z. [summary] 1196
Incidence of reproduction disorders, clinical mastitis and lameness in cross-breed HF x BW cows and Jersey cows maintained in the same
- in English Barański W., Janowski T., Zduńczyk S. [summary] 1201
Reasons for the culling of Polish Holstein-Friesian cows in a high yield herd - in English Kuczaj M., Zielak A., Blicharski P. [summary] 1205
Efficiency of phytase in growing-finishing pig feeding - in English Hanczakowska E., Świątkiewicz M. [summary] 1209
Tumors of the gastrointestinal system in dogs and cats. A retrospective review of 87 cases Sapierzyński R., Badowska-Kozakiewicz A.,
Malicka E.
[summary] 1213
Estimation of the usage of biofragmentable Valtrac-BAR rings for intestinal anastomosis in dogs Nowicki M., Brzeski W., Adamiak Z.,
Chyczewski M., Jałyński M., Matyjasik H.
[summary] 1218
Pesticide residues in food of animal origin in 1997 – 2006 in Poland Niewiadomska A., Semeniuk S., Żmudzki J. [summary] 1221
The influence of the chilling system on bacterial contamination and the quality of slaughter chicken carcasses Bełkot Z., Pełczyńska E. [summary] 1225
The value of serum-ascites total protein gradient and serum-ascites albumin gradient in the diversification of exudates and transudates Glińska K.,
Nicpoń J., Simon K.
[summary] 1232
Prevalence of Echinococcus multilocularis in red foxes in the Lublin voivodeship, Poland: preliminary study Karamon J., Ziomko I., Cencek T., Sroka J.,
Zięba P.
[summary] 1237
The morphology of neurons and topography of gyrus parahippocampalis in the chinchilla Szalak R. [summary] 1240
Topography of the blood vessels of bovine testis Bolanowski W., Jędrzejewski K.S., Oszukowski P., Polguj M. [summary] 1244
Semen parameters in relation to pig breed Brucka-Jastrzębska E., Białek M., Brzezińska M., Kawczuga D., Drewnowski W., Lisiecki L. [summary] 1248
Effectiveness of various dietary zinc and copper sources in cow nutrition Klebaniuk R., Grela E.R. [summary] 1252
Activity of protease inhibitors on the body surface of the honeybee Strachecka A., Grzywnowicz K. [summary] 1256
Concentration of HCH and DDT in bees from winter scatter Spodniewska A., Romaniuk K. [summary] 1260