Medycyna Wet. 64 (4B), 497-616, 2008


Twenty years of research activity in the field of the biology and pathology of reproduction at the Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food
Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Olsztyn
Skarżyński D. J. [summary] 499
System of retrograde transfer of neurohormones and destination transfer of feromones in to the brain and hypophysis in the perihypophyseal
vascular complex
Krzymowski T., Stefańczyk-Krzymowska S. [summary] 506
Local destination and retrograde transfer of uterine prostaglandins F2α and E2 and their role in the regulation of the estrous cycle
Stefańczyk-Krzymowska S. Krzymowski T.
[summary] 511
Can phytoestrogens pose a danger in the reproduction of cows? Wocławek-Potocka I., Korzekwa A., Skarżyński DJ. [summary] 515
Nerve growth factor – its expression and participation in the functioning of reproductive organs in females Jana B., Kozłowska A. [summary] 520
Influence of estrus synchronization and superovulation on corpus luteum functioning in cattle. Does hormonal manipulation always provide
desirable effects?
Pilawski W, Siemieniuch M, Skarżyński DJ. [summary] 525
Genomic and non-genomic effect of progesterone on the cells of the female reproductive tract Kowalik M.K., Rękawiecki R., Kotwica J. [summary] 528
Peroxisome proliferator activated receptors and their role in reproduction Kamińska K, Bogacka I., Wasielak M., Bogacki M. [summary] 533
Methods of cell immortalization and their application in reproductive studies Bodek G., Blitek A., Kowalczyk A.E.,
Kiewisz J., Zięcik A.J.
[summary] 537
Role of integrins, extracellular matrix proteins and growth factors during early implantation in pigs Kaczmarek M.M, Blitek A., Kowalczyk A.E.,
Kiewisz J., Wacławik A., Zięcik A.J.
[summary] 541
Differences between species in maternal recognition of pregnancy in mammals Siemieniuch M.J., Bogacki M., Skarżyński D.J.,
Wocławek-Potocka I.
[summary] 546
Fish sperm cryopreservation – importance, specificity and Polish achievements from the last decade Głogowski J., Ciereszko A [summary] 551
Serine proteinase inhibitors of fish seminal plasma Wojtczak M, Nynca J, A. Ciereszko A. [summary] 555


Morphological features of pre- and intranodal lymph pathways in the lymph nodes connected with female reproductive organs
in the pig
– in English Andronowska A, Doboszyńska T. [summary] 559
Cholinergic innervation of the cystic porcine ovaries– in English Kozłowska A., Wojtkiewicz J., Majewski M., Jana B. [summary] 565
Effect of estradiol, progesterone and interleukin - 1β on prostaglandin E2 and F2 secretion by porcine corpora lutea in vitro during periimplantation
– in English Wasielak M, Kamińska K, Bogacki M. [summary] 571
Active phytoestrogen metabolites stimulate luteolysis mediators secretion in different types of bovine corpus luteum cells Korzekwa A.,
Rogozińska A., Wocławek-Potocka I., Skarżyński D.J.
[summary] 575
Effect of DDT and its metabolites on the expression of the NP-I/OT and PGA genes in luteal and granulosa cells and the LIF factor in endometrium
in cattle
Młynarczuk J., Wróbel M., Kotwica J. [summary] 579
Influence of DDT and its metabolites on the secretory function of luteal, granulosa and endometrial cells in cows Wróbel M.., Młynarczuk J..,
Kotwica J.
[summary] 583
Retrograde and local destination transfer of uterine prostaglandin E2 during the porcine oestrous cycle Chłopek J., Radomski M.,
Stefańczyk-Krzymowska S.
[summary] 588
Expression of VEGF-A and its two receptors: VEGFR-1 and VEGFR-2 in the lymphatic endothelial cells of VSP in the porcine uterine broad ligament
Postek A., Chruściel M., Andronowska A.
[summary] 592
Localization of NADPH-diaphorase and nitric oxide synthase isoforms in the porcine periovarian vascular complex after progesterone infusions
Wąsowska B., Orzechowska E.
[summary] 597
Histological analyses of the porcine umbilical cord Chruściel M., Postek A., Andronowska A. [summary] 602
Improvement of the cryopreservation of red deer semen collected with an artificial vagina Demianowicz W., Giżejewski Z., Kubiak D., Kowalski R.,
Głogowski J.
[summary] 608
Cryopreservation of sperm of rainbow trout neomales Dietrich GJ., Wojtczak M., Słowińska M., Kuźmiński H., Dobosz S., Glogowski J.,
Ciereszko A.
[summary] 613