Medycyna Wet. 64 (4), 377-496, 2008


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[summary] 379
AIDS is a zoonosis Rogowska-Szadkowska D. [summary] 383
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Gill histopathological investigation in the diagnostics of fish diseases and water environment pollution Antychowicz J., Matras M. [summary] 389
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Consumption quality of cold smoked meat of male hybrids from Lithuanian indigenous wattle pig with wild boar intercross – in English
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Effect of genotype on some egg quality parameters of ducks from different conservative flocks – in English Okruszek A., Książkiewicz J.,
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Blood plasma antioxidants and dehydration in three-month-long trained Standardbred trotters before and after an intensive race – in English
Ogoński T., Pikuła R., Majewski G.
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Concentrations of plasma leptin, ghrelin and parameters of lipid metabolism in purebred Arabian and pony mares during the periparturient period
Kędzierski W., Kapica M., Kolstrung R., Pluta M.
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Occurrence of BVDV antibodies in cattle herds showing reproductive pathologies Stefaniak T., Janeczko K., Jawor P., Błach J., Pytloch P. [summary] 431
Usefulness of haptoglobin for monitoring the efficiency of therapy of fetal membrane retention in cows Mordak R. [summary] 434
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Asymptomatic babesiosis as a cause of splenomegaly and splenectomy in a dog Bajer A., Rodo A., Welc-Falęciak R., Siński E. [summary] 441
Vaginal and uterine bacterial flora at different stages of the estrus cycle in bitches Janowski T., Zduńczyk S., Borkowska I., Jurczak A.,
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[summary] 444
Iris and ciliary body primary melanoma in cats: a case study Lew M., Lew S., Brzeski W. [summary] 447
Estimation of pathomorphological skin changes in guinea pigs after itraconazole treatment during infection with Trichophyton mentagrophytes
Piórkowski J.
[summary] 450
Color and texture of rabbit meat of meat breeds and their crosses Łapa P., Maj D., Bieniek J. [summary] 454
Growth and production of diarrheal enterotoxin in milk by Bacillus cereus Berthold A., Rutkowska K. [summary] 457
Viability of technical microflora in yoghurt cream during refrigerated storage Ziarno M., Makowska M. [summary] 461
Milk urea concentration changes depending on selected environmental factors Guliński P., Młynek K., Salamończyk E. [summary] 465
Effect of dipping solutions on the cytological quality of milk Bogucki M., Sawa A., Neja W., Ksobiech L. [summary] 469
Reproductive, meat and milk performance traits of Charolaise sheep raised in the Warmia and Mazury region Milewski S., Ząbek K. [summary] 473
Chemical composition and microflora of silage from maize ensilage with bacterial and chemical additivesSelwet M. Raczkowska-Werwińska K.,
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Changes of bone parameters of chickens fed a decreased energy value feed mixture Kwiecień M., Winiarska-Mieczan A. [summary] 480
Influence of various ways of heating on the thermostability of oxytetracycline in muscles of rainbow trout Łapińska K., Kwiatkowska B.,
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[summary] 484
Influence of age on morphometric features of the female reproductive tract of polbar hens Gryzińska M., Niespodziewański M., Widomski P. [summary] 489