Medycyna Wet. 64 (1), 1-120, 2008


Basic veterinary procedures for dealing with nonhuman primates Kalicki M. [summary] 6
Porcine Parvovirus, the most significant infectious causative agent of embryonic and fetal death Truszczyński M., Pejsak Z. [summary] 10
Changes in biologically active cow’s milk components caused by mastitis Malinowski E., Kłossowska A., Smulski S. [summary] 14
Importance of temperament in beef cattle breeding Kunowska-Ślósarz M., Ślósarz J. [summary] 20
Microbiological contaminants of animal feed Kwiatek K., Kukier E. [summary] 24
Occurrence of Toxoplasma gondii infection among farm animals Sroka J. [summary] 27
Morphogenesis of heart vessels on chosen examples Skubiszewska D., Dzierzęcka M. [summary] 31
Significance and application of Lactococcus species in dairy industry Ziarno M., Godlewska A. [summary] 35
Current methods of diagnosis and therapy of chronic superficial keratitis in dogs Balicki I. [summary] 40


Pure cellulose as a feed supplement for piglets – in English Hanczakowska E., Świątkiewicz M., Białecka A. [summary] 45
Effect of low intensity laser radiation on cow's milk microflora and somatic cell count – in English Žilaitis V., Rudejevienė J., Maruška R.,
Norejka A., Vorobjovas G., Japertas S.
[summary] 49
Aflatoxin M1 levels in different type of cheese products produced in Turkey – in English Yapar K., Elmali M., Kart A., Yaman H. [summary] 53
Retrospective evaluation of hydatid cases between the years 2000-2005 detected in Sanliurfa, Turkey – in English Sevgılı M., Gokcen A. [summary] 56
Comparative detection of Listeria monocytogenes in raw milk by microbiological method and PCR – in English Dümen E., Ünsal Baca A.,
Dümen E.
[summary] 59
Immunohistochemical study on the endocrine cells in the gastrointestinal tract of the ostrich – in English Gençer Tarakçı B.,
Yaman M., Bayrakdar A., Yaman I.
[summary] 64
Rabies in Poland in 2006 r. Smreczak M., Trębas P., Żmudziński J.F. [summary] 68
Seroepidemiological study of PRRS infection patterns in different groups of swine with a history of porcine respiratory and reproductive syndrome
Rytych S., Stadejek T., Jakubowski T., Binek M.
[summary] 72
Prevalence of antibodies specific to bluetongue virus (BTV) in animals imported to Poland Niedbalski W., Kęsy A. [summary] 76
Comparison and validation of predicted and observed growth rates of Listeria monocytygenes in pasteurized and UHT milk Łobacz A., Kowalik J.,
Ziajka S., Kopeć M.
[summary] 80
Usefulness of linseeds for the modification of fat fraction components in cow milk Nałęcz-Tarwacka T., Grodzki H., Kuczyńska B. [summary] 85
Arterial and venous blood and urine collection techniques in European Brown Hares Nicpoń J., Noszczyk-Nowak A., Sławuta P., Kozdrowski R. [summary] 88
Treatment of lachrymal duct obstructions in dogs Kiełbowicz Z. [summary] 91
Estimating fly invasions in heifers during grazing periods Romaniuk K., Gad K., Kiszka W. [summary] 95
Influence of renin-angiotensin system on histopathology of rat’s pancreas in experimental chronic pancreatitis Mądro A., Czechowska G.,
Korolczuk A., Celiński K., Słomka M., Prozorow-Król B., Korobowicz E.
[summary] 97
Survival of Bacillus cereus enterotoxic strains in medium simulating human stomach environment Berthold A., Ramatowska J. [summary] 101
Applying flow cytometry for evaluating selected cell lines sensitivity to equine arteritis virus infection Larska M., Rola J. [summary] 105
Effect of probiotic on the biochemical parameters in blood of fatteners Rekiel A. [summary] 110
Efficacy of Streptovac vaccine for controlling streptococcosis Pejsak Z., Wojciechowski J., Porowski M., Wałachowski M., Żmudzki J. [summary] 113