Medycyna Wet. 66 (12), 805-809, 2010
Tracz M.
Legal measures of supervision and administrative bodies supervising genetically modified organisms used in animal nutrition
Genetically modified organisms are widely used in animal nutrition. The usage and placement on the market of GMOs used in animal nutrition is regulated by Polish legislation and European Union law. Supervision of marketing and usage of GMOs in animal nutrition is the responsibility of the Minister of Agriculture. The Minister of Agriculture is supported by the Veterinary Inspection and the State Inspectorate for Plant and Seed Protection. These bodies are vested with legal measures. Legal measures of Polish law are mainly procedural, which refers to the substantive provisions contained in secondary law of EU. Substantive provisions of Polish law governing the conduct of GMOs used in animal nutrition are incompatible with European Union regulations which may pose a threat to the development of the livestock sector.
Key words: GMO, law, feed