Medycyna Wet. 67 (4), 279-282, 2011

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Zaleska M., Żbikowski A., Niemiec J., Kosowska G.
Lymphocyte blastic transformation test in the evaluation of ochratoxin A influence on the immune system of hens and their progeny
Ochratoxin A (OA) is the most important mycotoxin causing contamination of feed and food. In addition to strong nephrotoxicity, OA also affects the immune system. Using a test of the blastic transformation of lymphocytes (TBTL) the impact of OA on the proliferative capacity of peripheral blood lymphocytes in laying hens and their offspring has been evaluated. In the first experiment the authors evaluated the influence of feeding hens for 14 days on feed containing 0.5 ppm of ochratoxin A. Blood samples were collected at day 14 of the experiment. The studies to determine the effect of ochratoxin on the proliferative capacity of lymphocytes in the offspring of hens fed a diet containing the mycotoxins were performed in three groups of broiler breeders. Birds received a mix containing 0.5 ppm of OA for 4 weeks. The collection of eggs for hatching was started after 7 days of feeding hens with feed contaminated by OA. Two test hatchings were conducted. Hatched chicks were reared under standard conditions. At 14, 21, 35 and 49 days of rearing chickens were bled for testing TBTL. The authors have shown a suppressive effect of ochratoxin A contained in the feed given to hens on the proliferating ability of lymphocytes (mean IS in treatment and control groups were, respectively, 7.30 and 9.41). The study shows that OA in feed given to hens also reduced the stimulation index of peripheral blood lymphocytes in their offspring.
Keywords: ochratoxin A, feed, hens, offspring, test of blastic transformation of lymphocytes