Medycyna Wet. 67 (4), 270-274, 2011

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Niedźwiedź A., Filipowski H., Służewska-Niedźwiedź M., Nicpoń J.
Stress level in horses during transport as a variable in Krefft's function
The aim of this study was to determine the mathematical model used to assess the severity of stress in horses intended for slaughter. The tests involved 60 Polish cold-blooded horses earmarked for slaughter, aged 4-10, including 29 males and 32 mares. Blood for tests was collected three times: I - directly before transport to the horse abattoir (at a time when the animals were still in their stalls); II- directly after unloading the animals from the transport semi-trailer, after a journey lasting approximately 8 hours; and III - after a 24-hour rest at the stable of the horse abattoir. Each horse marked for the experiment was described using the diagnostic features X1, X2, ... .., X11, which is assigned by the results of blood analysis. The level of stress was defined as a variable Z, using the Krefft function. The value of the function was, respectively, in three consecutive tests Z1: 0.3548, Z2: 0.5591; Z3: 0.5940. The Krefft diagnostic function enables determining the severity of stress in the studied group of animals objectively and observing its dynamics.
Keywords: stress, Krefft function, horses