Medycyna Wet. 67 (5), 318-321, 2011
Piotrowska J., Mituniewicz T., Sowińska J., Gonkiewicz B., Sobczak J., Wołosiuk R.
Antibiotic residues in animal-derived food in the Warmia and Mazury region in the years 2005–2009
The presence of various residues affects the quality and the health safety of animal-derived food. Currently, customers increasingly pay attention to the food health quality, which is becoming the decisive factor in their choices. The aim of this study was to analyse the residues of antibiotics and other antibacterial substances in the tissues of fish and slaughter animals, as well as in milk and dairy products, produced for consumption. The analysis of antibiotic and antibacterial residues in animal-derived food was conducted according to the research results of the Institute of Veterinary Hygiene in Olsztyn. The research material consisted of milk and whey samples, as well as muscles and internal organs (liver, kidney) of pigs, cattle, poultry, game, and fish. The samples were collected in the Warmia and Mazury region in the years 2005–2009. Antibiotics and other antibacterial substances in milk and dairy products were detected with diffusive microbiological tests (Delvotest SP-NT). For the detection of antibiotic and other antibacterial residues in the tissues of slaughter animals and fish, the ‘4-platelet method’ was used. The analysis of the results showed that the percentage of positive samples in the material collected in 2005–2009 was relatively small. Out of 1851 samples of animal muscles and internal organs tested, four (0.22%) gave positive results. As for milk and whey, nine (1.11%) out of 811 samples appeared to contain antibiotics or inhibitory substances. The number of positive samples was greater for milk and dairy products than for slaughter animal and fish tissues. Nevertheless, even the smallest number of positive samples does not mean that monitoring may be neglected. Farm producers should be constantly reminded to use antibiotic substances properly and to observe waiting periods.
Keywords: antibiotic, residues, animal-derived food