Medycyna Wet. 67 (5), 295-298, 2011
Mikołajewska N., Niżański W., Antończyk A., Błasiak K., Stańczyk E.
Selected aspects of the neurohormonal regulation of the luteal phase in bitches
This paper presents the neurohormonal regulation of the oestrus cycle in bitches, with particular emphasis on the luteal phase. The authors described specific features of the oestrus cycle in the female of the domestic dog, such as the lack of maternal recognition of pregnancy and no acute luteolytic mechanism in the absence of pregnancy, which result in very similar hormonal profiles of pregnant and non-pregnant bitches. The authors presented the mechanism of transition from anoestrus to proestrus and the mechanism that causes follicular development, eventually leading to ovulation. In this paper the luteal phase was divided into the early luteal phase, mid-luteal phase, and regression phase. The mechanism of pre-partum luteolysis and the role of other non-hormonal factors were also described.
Keywords: Luteal phase, bitches, ovarian cycle