Medycyna Wet. 66 (12), 793-864, 2010


Epizootiological situation in the world in the year 2009 and the beginning of 2010 according to data from the OlE Truszczyński M.,
Wijaszka T.
[summary] 795
Rinderpest worldwide eradication Fitzner A., Paprocka G.. [summary] 799
Legal measures of supervision and administrative bodies supervising genetically modified organisms used in animal nutrition Tracz M. [summary] 805
Molecular mechanisms of viral oncogenesis in humans and animals Wojtala A., Niemiałtowski M. [summary] 810
Incidence and prevalence of lameness and their relationship with milk yield in high-yielding Cows – in English Olechnowicz J.,
Jaśkowski J.M.
[summary] 818
Acute phase proteins in veterinary medicine: utility in diagnostics and monitoring of health status Pomorska-Mól M. [summary] 822
CD4+ Regulatory cells Maślanka T. [summary] 827
Cytotoxicity of silver nanoparticles Małaczewska J. [summary] 833


Effect of diet on selected parameters of post-slaughter carcass evaluation and meat quality of rabbits Cygan-Szczegielniak D., Stasiak K.,
Janicki B.
[summary] 839
Impact of mother effects on test results in puppies and adult dogs Goleman M. [summary] 843
In vitro effect of silver nanoparticles on the viability and proliferative response of mice peripheral blood mononuclear cells and splenocytes
Małaczewska J.
[summary] 847