Medycyna Wet. 66 (11), 721-792, 2010


78th General Session of the OIE ? scientific and practical aspects in animal and human health protection Truszczy?ski M., Wijaszka T.,
?mudzi?ski J.F., Ja?d?ewski K.
[summary] 723
Bacteriology and epizootiology of porcine brucellosis Truszczy?ski M., Pejsak Z. [summary] 728
Current state of knowledge of acute phase proteins Pomorska-M?l M. [summary] 732
Pathogenesis of porcine pleuropneumonia Markowska-Daniel I., Urbaniak K. [summary] 736
Selected methods of assessing the developmental competence of bovine oocytes and embryos Ja?kowski J.M.,Kempisty B., Wo?na M.,
Walczak R., Szczepa?ska P., Dziuban J., Jackowska M., Antosik P.
[summary] 740
IGF - and other growth factors in canine and human mammary tumors ? their role in carcinogenesis and prognostic significance Dolka I., Malicka E.,
Motyl T., Sapierzy?ski R.
[summary] 745
Activation of intranuclear transcription factor NF-?B in bacterial bovine mastitis Struzik J., Niemia?towski M. [summary] 751
Coryneform bacteria as etiological agents of bovine mastitis and human diseases Andrzejczak E., Malinowski E. [summary] 756
Influence of the health status of laboratory animals: mice and rats on the credibility of research results Peszy?ska-Sularz G., ?y?ko A.,
Muszy?ska-Furas B., Paradziej-?ukowicz J.
[summary] 761


Variability of semen traits of boars used in artificial insemination Wierzbicki H., G?rska I., Macierzy?ska A., Kmie? M. [summary] 765
Influence of selected pre-slaughter factors on chicken meat quality Rycielska J., Jarosiewicz K., S?owi?ski M. [summary] 770
Seroepidemiological examinations for the equine arteritis virus in eastern Poland ? the usefulness of the classical SN assay and the
ELISA test
Surma-Kurusiewicz K., Winiarczyk S., Adaszek ?. [summary] 774
Evaluation of the effect of decreased dietary cation-anion balances combined with increased calcium amount during the final phase of the dry
period on the health, productivity and fertility of cows of different ages
Bodarski R., Kinal S., Pre? J., S?upczy?ska M., Twardo? J. [summary] 778


Cerebral Toxoplasmosis in a cat. Czopowicz M., Szalu?-Jordanow O., Frymus T. [summary] 784