Medycyna Wet. 66 (1), 1-72, 2010


Some new data concerning virology and immunology Larski Z. [summary] 5
Legal definitions and regulations concerning experiments on animals. Malinowska T. [summary] 9
DNA microarrays – a new tool of molecular biology Woźniakowski G., Samorek-Salamonowicz E. [summary] 13
Prenatal ontogeny of lymphocytes in pigs Pomorska-Mól M., Markowska-Daniel I. [summary] 17
Canine genome research using the DNA microarray technique Żmudzka M., Jank M., Lechowski R., Micuń J. [summary] 22
Usefulness of chosen clinical, histopathological and laboratory indices for the evaluation of disease activity in canine inflammatory bowel disease
Rychlik A.
[summary] 27
Performance of milk production and cows’ health status as a function of milking frequency Kuczaj M., Preś J., Bodarski R., Kupczyński R., Stefaniak T.,
Jawor P.
[summary] 32


Intravenous midazolam as an induction agent for inhalation anaesthesia in dogs – in English Ćwiek A., Balicki I., Różańska D. [summary] 37
Effect of hulless barley on body weight and chemical composition of hearts and livers in broiler chickens – in English Kwiecień M.,
Winiarska-Mieczan A.
[summary] 41
Detection of Pasteurella multocida and Bordetella bronchiseptica, etiological agents of atrophicrhinitis, by means of PCR tests
Markowska-Daniel I., Stępniewska K., Pejsak Z.
[summary] 45
Bacterial contamination of carcass surfaces in relation to the order of slaughtering cattle Paszkiewicz W., Pyz-Łukasik R. [summary] 51
Occurrence of pathogenic bacteria in bovine carcasses and the related health threat to consumers Wieczorek K., Denis E., Osek J. [summary] 54
Elimination of Salmonella spp. in bacteriological media and in turkey carcasses with citric acid Mikołajczyk A. [summary] 59
Calcium content in the tissues of European bisons from the Białowieża primeval forest in relation to sex and age Kośla T., Skibniewska E.M.,
Skibniewski M.
[summary] 63
Case of the disease induced by the avian tubercle bacillus in a Scimitar-horned oryx Kalicki M., Krause I. [summary] 66