Medycyna Wet. 64 (4b), 565-570, 2008
Kozłowska A., Wojtkiewicz J., Majewski M., Jana B.
Cholinergic innervation of cystic porcine ovaries
The aim of the study was to examine the changes in the density of VAChT (marker of acetylcholine present)-, NPY-, VIP-, SOM-, SP- and nNOS-immunoreactive (IR) nerve terminals and co-localization of VAChT with the above-mentioned neurotransmitters after the occurrence of dexamethasone (DXM)-induced ovarian cysts in gilts. DXM administration led to an increase in the density of VAChT/SP-, VAChT/nNOS- and NPY-IR nerve terminals around the cystic walls. In DXM-treated animals an elevated number of VAChT- and SP-IR nerve endings was found close to the tertiary follicles. Moreover, in the gilts receiving DXM the density of NPY-IR nerve endings (that simultaneously co-localized VAChT) was high near the interstitial gland. An increase in the number of VAChT/SP- and VIP-IR nerve fibers around the medullar arteries (A) was observed in cystic ovaries, while the number of VAChT-IR nerve endings near the cortical A was lowered after DXM application. Furthermore, nerve fibers containing VAChT were absent around veins in the whole ovary of DXM-treated animals. After DXM injections, an increase in the number of VAChT/SP- and VAChT/nNOS-IR nerve endings in the cortical, as well as VIP- and nNOS-IR (co-existing with VAChT), nerve terminals in the medullar part of the autonomic ground plexus (GP) was present. However, the administration of DXM led to a drop in the density of SOM-positive nerve endings (also VAChT-IR) in the medullar subdivision of the GP. The present study shows that in the porcine ovaries with DXM induced cysts the pattern of cholinergic innervation, as well as the co-localization of VAChT and NPY, VIP, SOM, SP or nNOS, were changed. Data obtained also suggest that acetylcholine and the above-mentioned neurotransmitters effecting the functioning (steroidogenic activity, blood flow) of the polycystic ovaries may have a significant influence on the course of this pathological status.
Keywords: acetylcholine, cholinergic innervation, cystic ovary, dexamethasone, pig