Medycyna Wet. 64 (4b), 559-564, 2008
Andronowska A., Doboszyńska T.
Morphological features of pre- and intranodal lymph pathways in the lymph nodes connected with female reproductive organs in pigs
The intranodal lymph pathways of lymph nodes connected with reproductive organs were studied in 30 pigs, both histologically and by injecting colloidal carbon particles. These lymph nodes were single or composed independently of their localization: 1) in vascular subovarian plexus (VSP) and 2) in paraaortal areas. There were 7-11 single normal lymph nodes and 5-8 single hemal lymph nodes distributed in both mentioned regions. All studied animals possessed in the VSP area large composed lymph nodes with 5-7 valves connected to various reproductive organs and 2-3 composed lymph nodes in the paraaortal area. Afferent lymphatics (AF) entered the single nodes at the protrusion poles, whereas efferent lymphatics (EF) with blood vessels entered in the hilus. In the composed nodes all types of lymphatic and blood vessels were directly connected to the deep hilus on the dorsal side. The remaining reproductive organs in all examined pigs had a connection with either the central composed nodes and/or others composed or single node(s) from the paraaortal area.
Keywords: lymph node, uterine broad ligament, paraaortal region, subovarian vascular plexus, pig