Medycyna Wet. 64 (4b), 551-554-, 2008
Glogowski J., Ciereszko A.
Fish sperm cryopreservation – importance, specificity and Polish achievements from the last decade
This paper deals with fish sperm cryopreservation techniques emphasizing the contribution of Polish science in this field in the past decade. Useful aspects of this biotechnology both in commercial applications for fish hatcheries, as well as in the protection of endangered species, are presented. Stages of the cryopreservation procedure are described together with aspects of sperm collection and spermatozoa physiology of freshwater euteleosts and sturgeons. Details of sperm quality evaluation and their purpose in sperm deep freezing are discussed. Design criteria concerning choice of diluents and cryoprotectants as well as dilution ratios and storage methods are described. The use of thawed sperm for ova fertilization together with thawing conditions and procedures with regards to the storage method are explained. Prospects for biochemical methods of sperm quality evaluation, especially emphasizing their usefulness in predicting the effects of fish sperm freezing/thawing procedures are also introduced.
Keywords: fish sperm, cryopreservation