Medycyna Wet. 67 (11), 770-773, 2011

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Przeniosło-Siwczyńska M., Kwiatek K.
Official quality control of medicated feedingstuffs produced in Poland
The aim of the study was to evaluate Polish medicated feedingstuffs for farm animals in terms of their content of active substances and homogeneity. Overall, 1889 samples of medicated feedingstuffs, medicated premixes, intermediate products and cleaning mixtures were examined from 2006 to 2010. Among medicated feeds, 151 (9.6%) did not comply with the declared antibiotic content or their homogeneity was insufficient: the value of CV was > 15%. In all medicated premixes, the antibiotic content was compatible with the declaration. The analysed samples of intermediate products included tylosin at a content of 2g/kg and chlortetracycline at a content of 1.5 g/kg, and they met the requirements for concentration and homogeneity. Out of 184 cleaning mixtures, 65 (35.3%) were evaluated as positive, which means that they contained residues of active substances used in medicated feedingstuffs.
Keywords: antibacterial substances, medicated feedingstuffs, official control