Medycyna Wet. 67 (11), 752-756, 2011

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Ledwoń A., Bailey T., O’Donovan D., Mckeown S., Lloyd Ch., Więckowski T., Kinne J., Silvanose Ch., Szeleszczuk P., Wernery U.
Prevalence of circovirus and adenovirus in pigeons in Dubai
The purpose of this investigation was to study the prevalence of pigeon (Columba livia) circovirus as well as pigeon and fowl adenoviruses in domestic pigeons in Dubai and United Arab Emirates. Feather and cloacal swab samples were obtained from 132 clinically healthy pigeons from four Dubai zoological collections and seven clinically healthy free-living columbiformes. Feather samples were tested for pigeon circovirus with polymerase chain reaction (PCR), and 21% were positive. Cloacal swabs tested for pigeon and fowl adenoviruses were all negative. Eighteen feather samples and liver impression smears were obtained at post-mortem examination from birds derived from one flock. PCR tests revealed the presence of pigeon circovirus in 72% of liver impression smears and in 50% of feather samples. Although 44% of liver samples were positive for PiAdV in PCR, no clinical signs of adenoviral infection were noted in the flock nor were any typical lesions found in histopathological examinations. Fowl adenovirus was not detected by PCR. This research is the first study of the prevalence of these viral infections of pigeons in the Arabian Peninsula.
Keywords: pigeon, circovirus, adenovirus, Dubai