Medycyna Wet. 67 (12), 847-850, 2011

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Czykier E., Góral K., Olech W.
Serum concentration of estrone in young European bison males
The aim of the present study was: (1) to estimate the dynamics of estrone (E1) concentrations in the blood serum of the European bison Bison bonasus (L.) with and without spermiogenesis; (2) to compare the body mass and testis mass between animals with and without spermiogenesis; (3) and to investigate if there is a correlation between estrone levels in the blood serum of animals and their age, body mass and testis mass. The animals were culled during the autumn-winter seasons in 1995-2008 (after the rutting period) in the Białowieża Primeval Forest. The animals were divided into 2 age groups: young males up to 2-years-of-age and young males up to 3-years-of-age, with further separation into individuals with or without spermiogenesis. Research was performed on sections of testes and epididymes collected from 37 male bison. Blood serum collected from 37 European bison specimens. Levels of E1 in the blood serum were determined by the ELISA No KAPD4174 method of BIOSOURCE (Belgium). Moreover, there was no significant difference between mean values of E1 in serum of young male European bison up to 2 and 3-years-of-age with or without spermiogenesis. Young males up to 2-years-of-age with spermiogenesis were characterized by a significantly higher body mass and testis mass than the animals without spermiogenesis. There was no significant differences in the body mass and testis mass among older animals, up to 3-years-of-age, with or without spermiogenesis.
Keywords: Bison bonasus, males, estrone, spermiogenesis