Medycyna Wet. 67 (12), 787-791, 2011

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Larski Z.
Some new data concerning virology, prions and immunology
Isolation of atypical pestivirus from clinically affected calves in Italy. Experimental studies of foot-and-mouth disease transmission in cattle and the implications for control, controversial preemptive control measures may be unnecessary. Different gene expression profiles of bovine brains infected with classical and atypical BSE indicate possible different pathogenesis or origin of the disease. Emergence of classical BSE from atypical BSE-H supports the hypothesis that this type may be at the origin of the food-borne BSE epizooty. First cases of atypical scrapie in Poland. Two drugs that prevent the differentiation of TH17 cells which mediate autoimmune disorders. Local proliferation of macrophages in TH2 inflammation. Macrophages can enhance tumour resistance to chemotherapy.
Keywords: atypical pestivirus, foot-and-mouth disease, BSE, scrapie, autoimmunity, tumour chemotherapy.