Med. Weter. 68 (12), 705-768, 2012


Some New data concerning virology, prions and immunology Larski Z. [ summary ] 707
Importance and mechanism of stress in disease syndromes of food animals, caused by facultatively pathogenic bacteria Truszczyński M.,
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[ summary ] 712
Selected aspects of in vitro fertilization in pigs Kempisty B., Bukowska D., Zawierucha P., Piotrowska H., Antosik P., Jackowska M., Jaśkowski J.M.,
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[ summary ] 717
Mechanism for placenta detachment in mares Rapacz-Leonard A., Raś A., Janowski T.E. [ summary ] 722
Effects of spray-dried plasma on growth performance and immune responses of weaned pigs Czyżewska E., Dors A. [ summary ] 725
Marteiliosis of oysters – an invasive disease of molluscs Pękala A., Paździor E. [ summary ] 728
Cat therapy as an alternative form of animal-assisted therapy Goleman M., Drozd L., Karpiński M., Czyżowski P. [ summary ] 732


Validation of universal and serotype-specific real-time RT- PCR assays for the detection of European bluetongue virus serotypes – in English
Niedbalski W.
[ summary ] 736
Relationship between clinical lameness and somatic cell counts, and fat and protein contents in milk of dairy cows – in English Olechnowicz J.,
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[ summary ] 740
Analysis of small ruminant lentivirus infection in sheep from the Małopolska and Podkarpackie voivodeships Olech M., Kuźmak J., Osiński Z.,
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[ summary ] 744
Blood biochemical studies of enrofloxacin and florfenicol in newly hatched chicks Chrząstek K., Piasecki T., Wieliczko A. [ summary ] 748
Study on the usefulness of seroneutralization tests in the diagnostics of infectious haematopoietic necrosis (IHN) Matras M., Maj J., Stachnik M.,
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[ summary ] 751
Occurrence of lesions and qualitative changes in game carcasses in Poland in 2000–2011 Szkucik K., Bełkot Z., Gondek M. [ summary ] 755


Clinical case of chloralose intoxication in a dog Wojciechowska M., Wolska-Szabała I. [ summary ] 762