Medycyna Wet. 68 (2), 110-113, 2012

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Szulowski K., Iwaniak W., Weiner M., Złotnicka J., Szymajda M., Zaręba Z.,Czępińska H.
Diagnosis and epidemiological condition of bovine brucellosis in Poland
The surveys of cattle for brucellosis in Poland are primarily based on serological tests. The examinations are performed by regional laboratories using RBT. In the case of positive results obtained in this test the samples are examined in SAT and CFT. The definitive confirmatory investigations are conducted by the National Reference Laboratory for Brucellosis in the Department of Microbiology of NVRI in Puławy, which additionally uses Coombs’ test, 2-Me test and ELISA. In the paper the results of the examination of cattle in Poland in the years 2005-2010 are shown. Each year during this period 1.1 – 1.3 million animals were included in the surveys and 130-317 cows were involved in confirmatory investigations. 12-34 animals were classified as positive for brucellosis. In bacteriological examinations of samples from seropositive cows, Brucella abortus was never once isolated. Since 2009 Poland is officially a brucellosis free country.
Keywords: brucellosis, diagnosis, cattle