Med. Weter. 68 (5), 303-308, 2012

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Jagielski D., Ostrzeszewicz M., Lechowski R.
Lung lymphoma: A case study.
The aim of this study was to describe the case of a 5-year-old female Golden retriever with malignant lymphoma. The dog was presented to the veterinarian because of respiratory tract disorders, mainly respiratory distress. At first, pneumonia was suspected on the basis of imaging diagnostic results and the absence of malignant cells in material from a biopsy of the enlarged lymph nodes. Ultimately, bronchoscopy provided sufficient basis for the final diagnosis: malignant pulmonary lymphoma. Then it was possible to administer appropriate therapy, which prolonged the patient’s life for almost 3 years. The description of this case may be very useful for practitioners because of the uncommon course of the diagnostic and treatment process.
Keywords: lymphoma, dog, bronchoscopy