Med. Weter. 68 (6), 353-358, 2012

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Korniewicz D., Dobrzański Z., Kołacz R., Hoffmann J., Korniewicz A., Antkowiak K
Effect of various feed phosphates on productivity and slaughter performance of fattening pigs
The aim of the study was to compare the efficiency of three various feed phosphates: monocalcium phosphate (MCP – I group), dicalcium phosphate (n-DCP – II group) and calcium-sodium phosphate (CSP – III group) application in the feeding of pigs (growing-finishing). The n-DCP was produced according to a new technology based on phosphoric acid using a non-scrap, autothermal method. Pigs feed was based on standard commercial mixtures of Starter, Grower and Finisher type. Mineral phosphorus (from phosphates) made up 30% of the demand for total phosphorus. The experimental material consisted of 60 piglets divided into 3 groups that were fattened from 20 to 110 kg of body weight. Average daily gain (ADG), daily feed intake (DFI) and feed conversion rate (FCR) were controlled. After 90 days of fattening, 30 finishing pigs (10 individuals from each group) were slaughtered and their slaughter value was assessed. The weight of carcass, meatiness, thickness of backfat under the shoulder blade, on the back and across, pH1 and pH24, electric conductivity after 24 hours, water absorption, color brightness, area of loin eye were assessed. Moreover, the content of water, fat and protein was determined in samples of the longissimus dorsi muscle. The production parameter during the entire fattening period i.e.: ADG (992-1002 g/day), DFI (2.57-2.59 kg) and FCR (2.58 -2.65 kg/kg) did not differ statistically between the three groups (I-III). Moreover, the indices of slaughter assessment did not differ between the groups. The qualitative parameters of meat (L. dorsi), i.e. pH, content of water, protein, fat, water absorption and color did not differ between the groups, only carcasses of pigs fed with mixtures supplemented with MCP (group I) were characterized by a somewhat better musculature and had thinner backfat when compared to pigs from other groups (II and III). The complete usefulness of the new phosphate (n-DCP) in fattening pigs feeding was demonstrated.
Keywords: pig, diet, phosphate, performance, carcass, quality