Med. Weter. 68 (8), 479-482, 2012

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Petrynka M., Klocek C.
Influence of human-animal relationship on animals’ welfare and productivity
Modern technologies of animal husbandry, which minimize human contact with animals, may create situations perceived by animals as a threat. Additionally, as a result of improper handling of animals and only periodical (incidental) contacts with humans, these interactions are often marked with fear and aversion. This affects the level of welfare of farm animals, as well as production results and the quality of products obtained. It is therefore necessary to develop effective and practical strategies of alleviating stress in animals and of promoting a more positive human-animal relationship. Results of studies on the perception of people by livestock may prove useful in developing such a model of animal husbandry. This knowledge may also facilitate the interpretation of observed animal behavior and lead to the development of new research methods.
Key words: human-animal relationships, farm animals, welfare