Med. Weter. 68 (8), 475-478, 2012

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Białek M., Borowski A., Szarek J., Lisiowska M.
Administrative proceeding in the case of the classical swine fever
Since 1995 Poland has been considered as free from classical swine fever (CSF) by The World Organization of Animal Health – OIE. However, bearing in mind the epizootic situation in Europe and reported cases of this disease in 2011 in Lithuania in particular, infection of the CSF virus remains a real threat to swine breeding in Poland. Poland is constantly monitoring the occurrence of CSF among swine and wild boars and the procedures are largely dependent on the specific character of a particular region and on the number of pigs and wild boars. The people particularly responsible for identification of CSF are free lance veterinarians having direct control over pig farms. In light of these facts, it seems essential to discuss administrative procedures on the basis of the veterinary law in force, in case of any suspicions or in case of the occurrence of the mentioned disease.
Key words: classical swine fever, veterinary inspection, epizootic procedure