Med. Weter. 68 (10), 612-614, 2012

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Bąk B., Siuda M., Wilde J.
Comparison of post-capping period in different subspecies of boney bee
The aim of the assay was to compare the post capping period in different subspecies of the honey bee in Poland. The studies were carried out in 2008-2009. The five subspecies of bees was tested: Carniolan bees represented by two lines: Kortówka and Dobra; Caucasian bees of the Woźnica line; Central European bees of the Augustowska line; Crossbreeds achieved by absorptive crossing of A. m. capensis with A.m. carnica drones selected for a short PCP, bre d at the Apiculture Division in Olsztyn. The shortest PCP was observed in bees from group PCP (285 h), and the longest - in Caucasian bees of the Woźnica line (289.7 h). Apparently, it is worthwhile continuing breeding for a shortened PCP only in colonies of gro up PCP. The question whether it is possible to select bees with a short PCP significantly limiting the development of Varroa destructor in bee colonies remains unanswered.
Key words: Apis mellifera carnica, Apis mellifera caucasica, Apis mellifera mellifera, Apis mellifera capensis, PCP line, post-capping period