Med. Weter. 69 (5), 257-320, 2013


Application of proteomic tools to identify changes in the protein composition of physiologically relevant fish tissues – in English
Colussi A., Ożgo M., Herosimczyk A., Michałek K., Skrzypczak W.
[ summary ] 259
Some new data concerning virology, prions and immunology Larski Z. [ summary ] 264
Organic acids and their importance in animal husbandry Kowalczyk E., Patyra E., Kwiatek K. [ summary ] 269
Production of extended spectrum beta-lactamases (ESBL) by bacteria present in food Wasiński B., Różańska H., Osek J. [ summary ] 274
Characteristic of Scottish Highland Cattle Przysucha T., Grodzki H., Gołębiewski M., Slósarz J., Piotrowski T. [ summary ] 279


Study of external ear canal inflammation in dogs from the Lublin Region in the years 2007-2011 – in English Taszkun I. [ summary ] 283
Prevalence of bovine respiratory syncytial virus (BRSV) infections in cattle population in Poland Socha W., Rola J. [ summary ] 288
Effect of granulosa cells and culture media on the meiotic competence of cattle oocytes and their developmental capacity after in vitro fertilization
Młodawska W., Płoszaj E.
[ summary ] 291
Using analysis of body weight and the level of serum creatinine to assess the condition of individual farm fallow deer Czyżowski M., Karpiński M.,
Drozd L., Goleman M., Sykut M.
[ summary ] 294
First case of enterococcal spondylitis in broiler chickens in Poland Szeleszczuk P., Dolka B., Żbikowski A., Dolka I., Peryga M. [ summary ] 298


Successive therapy of squamous cell carcinoma in African grey parrot – in English Ledwoń A., Dolka B., Dolka I., Szeleszczuk P. [ summary ] 304