Med. Weter. 69 (3), 181-186, 2013

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Kolstrung R., Stachurska A., Pięta M., Silmanowicz P., Ussing A. P.
Hoof wall angulation in the horse (Equus caballus)
The objective of the study was to determine the variation of hoof wall angles in horses of different types. Seventy-six mares at the ages of 4 –13 years were examined. They belonged to four breeds of different origin types: Purebred Arabians, halfbred Anglo-Arabians, primitive Polish Koniks, and Polish Coldbloods. The angles of the toe, of the medial and lateral walls, as well as of the coronary band, were measured in raised fore and hind feet. The hoof wall angulation differs considerably between fore and hind hooves, as well as between horse breeds. Among the breeds studied, the largest differences occurred between the Purebred Arabians and the Coldbloods. The Purebred Arabian hoof has a low toe angle, a low coronary band angle and high quarter angles, unlike the Polish Coldblood hoof, with a high toe, a high coronary band and low medial wall angles. Distinct differences between fore and hind hooves, as well as between the breeds, indicate that the angles of the hoof capsule cannot be considered uniform but these factors should be regarded..
Key words: breed, capsule angles, horse hoof