Med. Weter. 69 (3), 150-156, 2013

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Rachubik J.
Detection of food irradiation markers
Irradiation is one of the techniques used for preserving foodstuffs. This article discusses historical, legal and technological aspects of food irradiation. The influence of ionizing radiation on the main food components is presented. To comply with rigorous regulations concerning food irradiation and to ensure consumers' safety, it is necessary to develop appropriate methods for the identification of irradiated food. One of the most promising and useful methods is the detection of 2-alkylcyclobutanones, which are products of fat radiolysis. The development and applicability of this method are covered. The nutritional adequacy and safety of consuming irradiated food are discussed. The metabolism and toxicity investigations of food irradiation markers are reviewed. Moreover, the prospects of food irradiation are discussed.
Key words: food preservation, ionizing radiation, markers, 2-alkylcyclobutanones