Med. Weter. 69 (5), 283-287, 2013

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Taszkun I.
Study of external ear canal inflammation in dogs from the Lublin Region in the years 2007-2011
The aim of the study was the assessment of the quantitative and qualitative cases of the inflammation of the external ear canal (otitis externa) in dogs treated at the Dermatological Consultation Room of Veterinary Clinics at the University of Life Sciences in Lublin in the years 2007-2011. The study group consisted of 240 dogs (135 females and 105 males), of various breeds, aged 8 weeks to 16 years. In 62.5% of dogs with otitis externa the diagnosis of atopic dermatitis (AD) was established, 4.58% of the dogs were diagnosed with otodectosis (Otodectes cynotis), 2.93% – with contact dermatitis, 0.83% – autoimmune disease, while in 5.83% anatomical changes were found in the auditory canal. Dogs with otitis externa up to 1-year-of-age accounted for 24.58% of the research group, aged 1-3 years – 48.33%, and aged over 3 years – 27.09%. Unilateral inflammation of the external ear canal was diagnosed in 31.67% patients and bilateral in 68.33%. In 65.42% of dogs with otitis externa a chronic and relapsing nature of the disease was found. Dogs in which in addition to otitis externa dermatological symptoms located in other areas of the body were found accounted for 67.08% of the research group.
Key words: canine otitis externa, external ear diseases, canine atopic dermatitis, epidemiology of canine otitis externa